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Welcome to Grammy B’s Biscotti. My name is Mary Caye and I’m excited to share a piece of my kitchen’s history with you! My story started as the youngest girl in a large Italian family. I spent my early mornings, evenings and weekends alongside my mom in the kitchen. While the homemade pasta and marinara are still a Sunday staple in my kitchen, it is the biscotti that my kids and siblings ask for when they sit down with me.

My mom and I spent years perfecting my brother’s biscotti recipe while he became a professional chef in the DC area. The cookies found their way onto every holiday table, at my nieces wedding showers and weddings and eventually became a keystone in my home kitchen. Over the last several years as I shared my biscotti with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, they started requesting it for their family events.

For my 60th birthday my children and their spouses surprised me with the logo and a trademark for Grammy B’s Biscotti. We chose that name because that is what her grandkids called her.  Her biggest joy was having a table full of family. She was loved by all who knew her.  It is my treasure to have had so many years learning and working alongside her.  The kitchen is my happy place and I, like her, love feeding people at my kitchen table.

It is my hope that as you share Grammy B’s biscotti in your kitchen, around your family tables or at special events, that you make memories that you cherish like we do.


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